Our industry knowledge and relationship with thousands of suppliers ensures that the best in adult, teen and juvenile hardcovers, paperbacks, mass market books, large print books and non-print formats such as Book on CD/MP3 and DVDs are available whatever your needs and budget. Foreign language titles are available from several trusted suppliers.

You can shop in person during the week (and on some Saturdays at our BC warehouse) with no appointment needed at either of our Calgary, AB or Burnaby, BC showrooms. Too far for you to go? Contact your local sales representative to ask about bus trips or other transportation offers to get you from your door to ours.

By using our website, you’ll gain exposure to thousands of titles many with age levels, descriptions and subject headings of which over 290,000 have been assigned special status due to their relevance to school or public library collections. Many of these “ULS Choice" titles have received outstanding reviews or awards or other accolades.

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Need pricing for print or non-print materials for your special projects, or for our in-house cataloguing and processing services? Ask us and we’ll be happy to provide you our best price quote!

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ULS accepts orders by phone, fax or email as well as electronically via EDI X12 and EDIFACT.

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